100 Day Challenge: Day 31

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven’t checked in the last 2 weeks.  I have been……blah.  And first things first, I’ll admit……I didn’t work out at all last week.

The week started with a super croupy baby, who I wasn’t comfortable leaving for more than a minute or so since her breathing was so bad.

Then the rest.  As most of you know I have been dealing with wrist problems for awhile now.  I saw the hand specialist (Dr William Lanzinger at Akron General Orthopedics, FABULOUS DOC!!)  about a month ago.  I had carpal tunnel release in June, and had success with it.  I began noticing some aching in the wrist about 3-4 months ago.  Assuming I was getting old and it was arthritis, I just let it go.  In December I fell at Keegan’s school, and it got worse.  The doc recommended a wrist splint for a month, thinking I had a tendonitis of the thumb.  Well, a month went by.  My grip strength was slightly better but the pain wasn’t.  When I went back this time, he did an x-ray and felt around some more.  On the 28th I go for an MRI.  There is potential it is what is called Kienbock Disease, a progressive disease that will cause paralysis of the wrist over time.  What happens is the blood flow to the wrist bones is cut off by a compression caused by an extended radius.  I have a super short ulna which causes the radius to apply pressure to the small bones and they will eventually deteriorate completely if it is Kienbock.  There are numerous surgeries I can have done to fix the problem, and it usually only occurs in one wrist so that is a plus.  Even if it isn’t this, the doctor thinks he will have to do scope surgery to figure out the problem, so either way, more surgery seems to be in the future.

With this fun,  I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting AT ALL.  And for some reason this news got me in a funk.  Workouts went out the window.  But the week is over…..

This morning I got up, and I am down a pound, so that is good!  And I did workout, not extreme, but something!

Weigh-in: 212lbs


I did abs and jumping jacks.  I need to figure out arm workout that don’t involve any weight.

One last thing!  I did have some fun with my hair!!



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