Chef Sarah and Home for Dinner

Chef Sarah Mentzer has been in the food service business for 12 years.  She has a degree in Culinary Arts from the University of Akron.  After working at the Hilton Inn West in Fairlawn, Ohio, she opened Home for Dinner, a personal chef and catering business.  After teaching over 400 cooking classes through the public libraries and private groups, she has started a blog to help make cooking easier. 

Chef Sarah has been married to her husband Joe for 8 years and has two boys, Keegan, age 3, and Seeley, age 9 months.

Questions about Home for Dinner Personal Chef Service? 

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12 thoughts on “Chef Sarah and Home for Dinner

  1. On January 19th, I sent off two of my last Boughton Farm pie pumpkins by FedEx. They arrived safe and sound, in Tulsa Oklahoma on Saturday the 22nd. Jean took one and gave the other to Phyllis, a good friend in Sapulpa. They both made the Pumpkin Black Bean Stew and absolutely LOVED it!! Phyllis is making plans to stock up on pumpkins this coming fall, make TONS of this stew, and freeze it!!
    Thanks Sarah for this recipe from the Soup Class… it is making it’s way across the country.

  2. Hi Sarah
    Sarah my friends and came to the Stow library last night for your cooking show. We loved it. You are very enjoyable to listen to and easy to ask questions. We are very excited to have you come to our house to help us cook and prepare foood for several days. Please email me back with info.
    Thanks Paula

  3. I usually attend the cooking classes at the Norton library. I just wanted to thank you for the pumpkin hummus recipe from a few months ago. My two-year-old LOVES it! He is always asking to help “mamma” make it and devours it by the spoonful with a few pretzels on the side. Thanks for the great way to add some nutrition into his diet!

    • I am so thrilled! It is hard to get them to eat nutritious foods, and if this works, fabulous! I really love the recipe too! I will repost it here for people who are interested! I also have recipes for beet hummus, carrot hummus and edamame lemon hummus! Look for them on the site tomorrow! Thanks for letting me know my recipes are getting used! I hope he enjoys! Mine loves to cook too!

  4. Thanks for the great class. My sister and I attended the one at the Highland Square library and loved the apple with egg noodle dish. Looking forward to following your blog and also attending your class at Acme.

  5. We were at your class last night at the nc library and enjoyed everything – especially the cake! But what everyone really wants to know is how you lost 50#!! Always enjoy you at the library!

    • Ha ha! You guys are so sweet! Honestly Peggy there is no real secret diet or trick besides getting back to eating real food! My hubby an I don’t eat out a lot, and we really changed our diet. We made sure at least half our plate was fruit or salad before we put our entree on it, and we always put the rest of anything we made away before we ate so we weren’t tempted by second helpings. We started working out together, and I also have a friend who is a personal trainer who I would meet with twice a month. She came to my home, and it worked out really well. Just when I would get tired of the routine, she would be back to change it. She was affordable and I felt more comforable working out at home than at a gym. And I also didn’t feel like I was wasting a gym membership if I didn’t get to work out everyday! I hope this helps, I have so many people ask me about this, I should probably write a blog post about it! Thanks for your interest, and I am so glad you enjoy the class! I love coming to NC library!

  6. Hi, Sarah! Thanks so much for the past classes (Six Ingredients or Less, Cupcakes, Mexican) at Stow Munroe Falls Public Library! I didn’t write the last class date for Berry Bonanza on my calendar…boo-hoo, I missed it last Thursday! :o| I hope you are having a wonderful summer with family and cooking up a storm (well, not a real one, except when we need the rain for gardens!) :o) Take care and God bless… :o)

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