100 Day Challenge: Day 24


Well, week 3 down.  And I didn’t lose anything.

There I said it.  I hate it but I said it.  As for why, here it is: I worked out 3 days last week, and half-heartedly at that.  This past Saturday was Family Fun Night at school.  I coordinate this fun filled evening and I was stressed.  With all the stuff that had to go into getting that ready, then Friday and Saturday were spent at the school all day, I bailed on workouts.  Not an excuse, just a reason.  And it showed on the scale.

Now, I can’t go forward and say my eating habits were perfect.  At Family Fun Night I had 3 Sprites……yes, that is it, 3 cans of Sprite. Not the healthiest dinner.  And I don’t even drink pop!

But the upside.  I feel better.  I feel thinner even if I’m not, and I am back at it this week, barring the breakdown I had today that it wasn’t working.  And here is the thing: I am still 7 pounds lighter than I was a month ago and I couldn’t be happier!

So, how is your 100 Day Challenge going?  Tell me, I want to know!


One thought on “100 Day Challenge: Day 24

  1. Well I am still proud of you! It is hard but as long as you keep trying that is all that matters. Your doing better than a lot of us who keep putting it off till tomorrow. (I won’t name names, me batting my eyes). Keep on keeping on my friend!

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