A Rant….Yelp style…..


Ok, so…..I rarely rant on here. Actually I don’t think I have ever ranted on my blog. And this isn’t a rant per se.  More of a humorously annoyed look at on-line reviews.

I have recently gotten into reading Yelp.  I find what people say about restaurants interesting.  In doing so, I have found people have a odd way of reviewing.  For example: Thai food.  Some people will review every Thai food restaurant in their city or in every city they visit.  And in every case they give the restaurant 2 stars (or less).  Now that would make me come to a very clear realization……if you have reviewed 35 Thai food restaurants from here to Moline, and you have only ever given 2 stars, maybe you don’t like Thai food.  Try some Italian places already!

The other one is Red Velvet cupcakes.  Good Lord, the red velvet cupcake gets hammered.  Every review is something different….it’s to dry, it’s to moist, it doesn’t have cream cheese frosting, it does have cream cheese frosting, it has to much frosting to cake, to much cake to frosting, they use chocolate chips, they use MINI chocolate chips, it has natural red coloring, it has fake red coloring, it’s to big, to small, to red…..MAYBE YOU JUST DON’T LIKE RED VELVET CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!

I also have an issue with people who review recipes.  I look for recipes on a lot of different websites.  When you read a recipe, everyone thinks “Oh I could change this.” I get that.  What I don’t get are the people who write a review like this:  This recipe was horrible.  I substituted whole wheat flour for the white flour, used crushed pineapple instead of raisins, and baked it for 35 minutes instead of 25.  I put it in a graham cracker crust and make bread crumb topping for it.  It was the worst banana bread I have ever had.

Ok, for real???  The only time you should review a recipe is if you make the RECIPE, not some Frankenstein adaptation of it.  If you make changes, share your ideas with your friends, your coworkers, anyone OTHER than the website where you got it.  If you make the actual recipe and it turns out horrible, by all means, review it.  But if you add, subtract, make changes, technically you DIDN’T MAKE THE RECIPE! Which in turn means, don’t review it.

Ok, I think I am done.  Thanks for listening…..and don’t get me started on the term “foodie” or why everyone has to have a “passion” anymore…..I might run out of blog space.


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