100 Day Challenge: Day 8- WEIGH IN DAY


So, as you can see it has been a good week!

This past week was fun and challenging.  I have done some sort of physical activity every day, even last night when I wasn’t feeling it.  I am eating better, and feel good.  I feel like I can see some changes so in the long haul that is all that matters.

And I have heard from some of you out there!  I have gotten great feedback on this project, and people all over are making their own 100 Day challenge commitment!  I am proud of you!  I know people who are giving up fast food (my hubby included), someone committed to eating fruit every day, cutting carbs and food tracking.  There are also people who committed to stuff not related to food, like journaling or making their beds.  It isn’t about what you do, its that you do it.

So now, on to what we have all been waiting for!


216.5 pounds (4 pounds down!)


I lied to all of you.  Yesterday I did NOT do P90….I did it Saturday but yesterday I walked.  I got busy all day and by the time 5pm rolled around I wasn’t feeling a massive workout.  So I walked on the treadmill for an hour.  The good news is I did P90 today Sculpt 1 and 2!


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