100 Day Challenge: Day 5


Well, we are 5 days in.  I have realized a few things.

1) I hate 15 grain bread…..and Greek yogurt but I LOVE Graze snacks!

2) I am up and moving far earlier in the morning.  To the point I have actually made a hot breakfast for the boys 2 or 3 days this week

3) I prefer to work out as early as possible.  It makes me feel like I am getting it done and I don’t have to about it the rest of the day.  If I get to more activity later fabulous, if I don’t at least I know it’s done.

4)  Preparing meals takes a lot more.  The upside is, I try to have fruit and salad at every meal.  Last night Joe and I stood at the counter eating steamed green beans out of the bowl before the rest of our dinner was done.

5) I need to eat.  I think we fall into the trap of “I will lose weight if I don’t eat.” Calories in, calories out….and if I don’t put any in, I can burn more out.  Well, that’s not the case.  I get hungry and I am trying to eat more.  I watch what I eat, but I have realized I need protein at each meal to not be starving in an hour.  So far that seems to be helping.

6) I can’t wait for summer!  I miss the fresh fruit and veggies and I REALLY miss the way better prices!

7) Workouts get boring.  I have been working out, and thank goodness for Pinterest.  I keep finding new things.

Which brings us to todays workout!  I was searching for something different.  I need a workout that doesn’t take to long.  I have about 30 solid minutes to get something done so the hour long cardio is out for me.  Today’s workout was a little complicated but it definitely was intense!  One last thing I realized…..there are no walls in my house without a vent or furniture on them….and the hallway is by far not wide enough for me to lay down.  You’ll see what I mean when you see it.


Weigh in Monday


Wall Workout

I can’t describe this workout so here is a picture of the stuff I did!  Give it a shot, it was definitely a challenge!

Wall workout! Try this before legs up wall yoga pose. Quick and efficient! !!!!!!!


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