100 Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 has been a LONG day…..


This has been fun too….

I have severe tendinitis of my thumb which has given me no strength or dexterity in my right hand.  At the doctor’s office I couldn’t even hold a pen.  Four weeks of this thing 24 hours a day and hopefully it will be better.

As for workout, I lacked today, but did still do some physical activity which was the goal!


Monday is weigh in day


100 crunches

20 minutes on the treadmill at 5% incline(That incline is killer)

The way I see it is it was more than I would have done a week ago!

Here is my new everywhere companion!


Love my water bottle and the straw makes me drink more!

Tomorrow, look for a great new recipe for Derby Pie!


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