100 Day Challenge

Have you ever committed to something for 100 days?

Well , today is my day.  There has been a lot of the 100 Day Challenge stuff going around Facebook so I decided to challenge myself to do some form of excerise for 100 days.  I will also post my weight and my workout and see how it has changed as we go!  Today is Day 1!

And don’t worry, posting on here is more to keep ME accountable.  There will still be plenty of posts on fun food and info!

January 13, 2014


220 lbs


25 jumping jacks

25 crunches

25 Russian Twists

20 crunches

25 bicycles

10 reverse crunches

20 squats

20 calf raises

As you can tell, today I did a lit of lower body and abs.  I am having a major problem with my arm, and am avoiding arms until I see the doctor.



2 thoughts on “100 Day Challenge

  1. Great idea!!! Now youve inspired me. I’m going to ban going out to dinner/fast food for 100 days. When is the 100th day? Brian and I really need to save money, so getting rid of this expense is perfect.

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