Keegan’s 6th Birthday- Continuing Adventures of the…..Maybe Baker?


So, it was Keegan’s 6th birthday on January 2nd.  I made the mistake of asking him what kind of cake he wanted.  His response?

“A Dinosaur Lego Angry Birds cake, Mom.”



Thanks to Pinterest and my friend Erika, I managed to pull it off.

Erika decorates cakes.  She is amazing with fondant and Rice Krispie Treats.  From Hello Kitty to the Bubble Guppies she has done some amazing cakes (Check her out at 52cakez).  When she needs extra hands, I help her.  She makes her own fondant and taught me how.  She was also my go-to answer girl for the rice krispies.

In my head I envisioned a round cake with Legos up the sides, Angry Birds around the bottom and a dino on top.   I started with the Angry Birds.


As you can see from the partial dinosaur in the back, I used Rice Krispie Treat to make the shapes.  I rolled them into balls and general bird shapes, then coated them in fondant I had colored with gel food coloring.  I will be honest, I never realized how important the eye brows are on Angry Birds before now.  Without them they just look silly.

Once those were done, I worked on the dinosaur.  I had a small piece of fondant left, so I rolled it super thin and covered the dino shape.  It didn’t quite cover everything, so I ended up giving him spots of lighter green.  The boys helped tell me what his face should look like.


The Lego pieces were simply rolled fondant, cut into squares and rectangles.  Most of the ones you see on the internet are flat pieces with small circles cut out and adhered on.  Well, I had a lot of pieces, so in a moment of inspiration, I gently pressed one of my larger piping tip ends into the fondant and ta-da!  Legos without cutting out 9000 circles! You can also see in this picture how I did his name plate for the top.

Now for construction….


You can see I made two layers.  They are 12-inch chocolate cakes, filled with buttercream and crumb coated.  Crumb coating makes the cake surface smooth and keeps crumbs from ending up in your top layer of frosting.  From there I rolled out my red fondant, and cut out a circle large enough to have some overhang.  From there it was figuring out how to cover the sides.

Fondant will stick to fondant with water.  But it takes some buttercream glue to make it stick to the cake. The top row stuck fabulously but the rest I had to make work.  I stuck the top row, then each piece had to have buttercream piped on the back to make it stick.  The other thing I had to do was trim all the pieces so they fit evenly.


Now to place everything else.  I had initially envisioned it with all the Angry Birds around the bottom but Keegan asked for some to be placed on top.  Fine by me.

Not thinking I didn’t take a great picture of the cake on the table by itself, so you are stuck with the pictures from the decorating disaster area.  But you get the gist.


You can see all my little Lego trimmings in this picture.


So here is the final product!  Totally says Dinosaur Lego Angry Birds doesn’t it??

And he was happy, so no matter what it looks like, I am happy.


By the way, his birthday was the day before his actual party.  I asked him what he wanted for that, and he said a car cake.  Well I was so busy working on his party cake that he ended up with a  car cake…..just one that looked like it was in a demolition derby…….


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