Adventures of the Un-Baker: Keegan’s 5th Birthday



There is my baby!  Some of you might remember me pregnant with him, when I first started teaching cooking classes.  I started with I was 5 months pregnant with him and now he is 5!  Full day Pre-K and ice skating lessons, he is growing up fast!  One of his favorite things is Pokemon and that is what he wanted to for for his birthday!

If you know anything about Pokemon, you know the characters come out of Poke-Balls.  That is what he wanted for his party.  This was an easy cake compared to some of the others I have done.

One new thing I tried was baking a cake in a skillet.  I knew I wanted to make layers that were bigger than 8 or 9 inches.  I pulled out my 12-inch skillet and and got to work.

Baking in a skillet was super easy!  The one I used was a standard non-stick, not super thick skillet.  I mixed up my cake mix and pour it into the pan.  One layer took a whole cake mix, so if you want two layers, get two boxes at the store.  Bake according to package directions, adjusting the time as needed.  I found it was fairly similar to baking a 9×13, maybe 5-10 minutes shorter on the cooking time.


Once done, I turned it out onto a rack, and it came out nicely.  I did one chocolate and one white cake.  I would recommend if you are making two layers, bake them seperately, so they cook well.  With both large skillets in the oven at the same time, you may get uneven baking. Let them cool and go to town with the frosting! (In my head I have a really cute Easter basket cake idea with this concept!)

I frosted between the layers, and then got to work on the outside.  Since the ball is red and white, I use the red gel food coloring to get the intense red.  I used a flat tip on my decorating tool to pipe thick ribbons of frosting to the sides and top of half the cake.  I then smoothed it with a knife.  I did the same with the white half.


There is a black line that goes across the middle of the Poke-Ball.  One tip I have learned over the years of (amature) cake decorating is when you need black, start with chocolate frosting.  There is NO WAY to get white frosting the intense black that you want, and using chocolate it only takes a little to get the inky black we like.

Of course I didn’t take a picture of the completed cake without Keegan in it, but you can kind of see it in the picture at the top.  This was easy, and it turned out cute!

Now on to the other cake. Keegan’s birthday party was a few days before his actual birthday, so he wanted another cake on his birthday.   Keegan’s FAVORITE Pokemon character is PigNight.  He is a big ,round pig that shoots fire or something.  If you know anything about Pokemon, you know it is kinda hard to keep track of……more so when your getting your descriptions from a 5 year old.

Here is PigNight picture.  You will see he will be Oh, so easy to make out of cake.

I started with my basic 9×13-inch cakes and a knife.  I knew this was going to be a flat cake, simply because I had some time constraints.  I began cutting, pieced him together, and frosted him in his wide variety of colors.  Here is the end result!


DON’T LAUGH!!  It’s not like he wanted a block for a cake!  It was fun and tested my color-mixing skills!  He loved it!

One last thing!  I decided to make pizza for this birthday party, and made them into PokeBalls too!  I bought plain cheese pizzas from Super Walmart, and put pepperoni on half, extra cheese on the other half, and made the black line in the middle with chopped olives!  They turned out cute and were super easy!




3 thoughts on “Adventures of the Un-Baker: Keegan’s 5th Birthday

  1. How creative!! Happy Birthday to Keegan. Hard to believe he’s 5 already!

    Best wishes,

    Linda B.


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