Valentine’s Day is gonna be good…….


If you ever see this sticker on anything, RUN TOWARDS IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!!  There will be something good involved, I guarantee you!

I have a friend named Mike.  Some of you might know him from the wonderful blog Made By Mike, a great baking and photo blog.  Most of the things he makes, make my mouth water, but usually I don’t get to try them.  Yesterday that changed…….

Mike is now making the best caramels I have ever eaten.  EVER.  And the best part??  He is selling them for a great price!


What you see above can only be described as Caramel Heaven.  There are four different types, and here is a little description of each of them.  (Watch out, I may drool on the screen.)

The first on the left is Tart Cherry.  The first bite is amazing, and the second even more so.  The cherry flavor is fabulous, and they are not overly sweet.  I think these are my favorite.

Next in line is the Chocolate.  These  have a wonderful, almost coffee undertone.  They are super rich, and smooth, deeply chocolatey.

For all the purists out there, the Sea Salted Caramel is for you.  The salt adds a subtle crunch, and the caramel is buttery goodness.

Last, but definately not least, are the Apple Cider.  These are like biting into a tart apple with a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar.  You can taste the butter and apple blended as they melt in your mouth.

Now, there is one you can’t see in this picture.  It is hiding behind all the rest of the goodness.  It is a Chocolate Covered Tart Cherry Caramel.  If you buy nothing else, make sure this is the one.  The dark chocolate is the perfect compliment to the tartness of the cherry and the sprinkling of sea salt is an amazing flavor surprise.  I got these in the Starbucks parking lot yesterday, and couldn’t even drive for a minute these were sooooooooo good.

Mike is an amazing blogger, and a FABULOUS photographer, but his skills with the caramel are tops in my book.

Ok, enough gushing, here are the details!

The four caramel flavors(tart cherry, apple cider, sea salted and chocolate) are $5.00 per dozen.  The Chocolate Covered Tart Cherry Caramels are $5.00 per HALF dozen.  They can only be shipped within Ohio (sorry out-of-state folks, pesky food laws!) and if shipped there is a $2.00 charge.

To get these caramel delights, contact Mike through these ways:

Phone: 330-861-8464


Blog :




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