A Change in Direction…..

A vintage cockerel wind vane

This has been a week of changes.  As some of you know, three years ago my dad was diagnosed with Stage II brain cancer.  For the last few years, things had been going well, but since the begining of this year, he has started to decline.  He has gone downhill rapidly in the last few months, and he needs constant care.  Physcially he is ok, but mentally, he is confused and aggitated all the time.  My mother is a saint, full of patiance I didn’t know she had.  He does okay with my boys, but kids are simple.  Their needs are basic, and they don’t pay attention when Grandpa says something that doesn’t make sense.  With the problems he faces now, my mom and I are looking to move him into a facility that can better help him with therapy, and his treatment options.

Needless to say, the focus in my life has shifted.  Not only are the needs of my parents more in demand, Keegan starts Pre-K five days a week this year, and his school likes to have the parents involvement.  Life has become very busy.

After a lot of thought and a few tears, I have decided to close my catering and personal chef business.  We had reached a point that it was time of move into a storefront, or back off for awhile, and the later seems like the best option right now.  I am planning on continuing to teach cooking classes for private groups and libraries, and will fulfill all of my commitments through the end of 2012.  I enjoy teaching and it fits my life well, so I will be keeping that up for as long as you folks out there want to learn from me.  I will also continue the blog, and keep sharing recipes, tips and reviews.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support the last few years.  I have appreciated all the referrals you have sent my way, as well as meeting all of you through all my jobs.  I have loved watching families grow, being a part of your special events, and working with each of you to make special moments.  I’ll miss doing it, but right now, I am where I need to be………….


2 thoughts on “A Change in Direction…..

  1. Sarah, so sad to hear your news! Yet sometimes these changes in direction offer us the most personal growth especially given the difficulty of the decision made. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Your blog has been so enjoyable and I look forward to continuing to read it as you progress in this new part of your journey. Best wishes and blessings to you.

  2. Sarah: I am so sorry to hear the sad news about your dad. It does involve the whole family. Taking the time off to take care of your family is more important than anything else. Food will always be there to welcome you back. You have made many friends in your many endeavors and we all feel like we know you as a friend. You are blessed with many people praying for your dad and your family’s strength through this journey. I have enjoyed your many library classes and personal classes at Acme

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