National S’mores Day!-August 10, 2012

Celebrate National S'mores Day

Is that picture not awesome??  Who doesn’t want a table-top marshmallow roaster?

A gooey-sweet dessert made by toasting a marshmallow over a fire(or gas burner, if need be), then sandwiching the hot marshmallow and a thin square of chocolate between two graham crackers and slightly squeezing this union together so that the marshmallow squishes out on the graham crackers.  S’mores can also be made by making these “sandwiches” and heating them in am oven.  The name comes from the notion that they’re so good one always wants “some more”.  S’mores have long been a campfire treat!

Try these fun new flavors to fancy up your s’mores!

– Put a spoonful of peanut butter on the graham crackers along with the chocolate and marshmallow!

–  Replace the chocolate with a peppermint pattie.

– Try out all the fun flavored marshmallows out there now!  I even got some the other day that were strawberry marshmallow filled with chocolate!  I have seen mint, coconut, berry, the list goes on!

–  Try the cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers in place of regular ones!

–  Add some dried fruit into the melted chocolate and marshmallow.  Dried cherries would be soooo yummy!!



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