Foodie Pen Pals: Month 2 Reveal!

There is something about getting a box in the mail that is like Christmas any day! And my Pen Pal this month, Nicolle from Culture Jaunt ( flew with that idea and sent me a Christmas-in-July theme box this month!!  She even wrapped it all in Christmas wrapping paper!!

There was so much in this box!

-Some amazing mixed pretzels-9 different kinds!  These were perfect one Sunday as a snack!  We combined them with watermelon and the wonderful Sweet and Spicy Mustard Nicolle sent too!

– A package of pretzel mix, for me and the boys to make!  Fun day ahead!

– One of the new McCormick spice kits, this one is for Fajitas.  Does she know me or what??

– A variety of teas and coffee to go with…..

– The AMAZING homemade almond cookies Nicolle made me!  She was even sweet enough to send me the recipe in the mail after I got the box!  They were SUPER yummy!

Nicolle was a great partner to be paired up with!  I hope she got some wonderful stuff too!

I was totally not a great partner this month, since I got my box out late, but I stuffed it full!  I hope that made up for it Janie!!!






Want to join Foodie Pen Pals?  Check out Lindsey over at for all the details!


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