Foodie Pen Pals-June What I Got!!







There is nothing like getting a package in the mail, but it’s even better when there is FOOD inside!

This month I joined the Foodie Pen Pal Program over at The Lean Green Bean website(  Lindsey over there has put together a fun program that connects people all over the US, (there is a Canada and Great Britian program too!) and sets them up to send packages to each other.  These can include any type of food or food related items you think your pen pal might like.  She does an amazing job considering how many people are involved!

My Pen Pal this month was Maya!  She was AWESOME!!  She emailed me, asking if I had any food preferences or dislikes, and other than coconut, I left it up to her!  I am SO glad I did!  Maya decided to share with me her love of Asian foods!

Inside my box was a TON of fun stuff!  Ginger Dressing, sesame candy, Plum wine, chocolate covered almonds, citron tea,  dried seaweed, apple candies, chocolate milk candies, roasted salt, chestnuts, soy sauce and Pomogrante Vanilla Cashews.  It was wonderful!

There were a few items in my box that I had never come across before, and Maya was full of answers!  When it came to the seaweed, she recommended using it over steamed rice, topped with scrambled eggs drizzled with soy sauce, crumbled over top.  The citron tea is WONDERFUL warm or cold(it is a liquid pouch you add to water), and the apple candy is so instensly fresh apple flavored!  My family is going to eat these up!

I’ll be honest, it was like Christmas at our house when the box came!  The boys were excited, and pulling out each new item was so much fun!  A huge thanks to Maya for sharing her favorite things with us!  It was clear she put a lot of thought into my box, and it was TOTALLY enjoyed!


3 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pals-June What I Got!!

    • Check it out Shannon! It is totally cool! Lindsey has the directions spelled out on her website, and all you do is fill out the form to sign up! She does all the work!

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