More Tales from the Un-Baker: The Owl Cake: Seeley’s 2nd Birthday







On Friday, my baby turned 2!  Seeley Jack Francis, the boy with the long name, is getting so big!  He is a little ball of fire (like you couldn’t tell from the picture!), who loves to play with this brother and get into trouble.  He is so different from his brother. Keegan is a laid-back, go with the flow kind of kid, where Seeley is a boy who has his own ideas, never letting anyone change his mind.  You could say he takes after his mom a little….

He also has a little owl he sleeps with.  His name is Oswald.  When I started thinking about his cake, I had a hard time figuring out what to make.  Two is a tough age, more so with him being a second child.  He likes all the things his brother likes, so making him his own special cake was hard.  But then I saw an owl cake on Pinterest.  An idea was born.

Unlike most of my birthday cake posts, I didn’t take step by step pictures for this one, but I’ll try to tell you how I did it.  It was pretty easy, considering the train cake from Keegan’s 3rd birthday!

First things first, the cakes.  I knew we needed a rounded look, so instead of making sheet cakes and carving them, I used Pyrex mixing bowls to bake the cakes in.  Walmart sells a set of three bowls (2qt, 1.5 qt, and 1qt) for around $9.  I used the 1qt bowl and a small metal bowl I had to make the body and head.  I used regular cake mix, decreasing the amount of oil slightly to  make a firmer cake.  When your making cakes for building, that is one tip I have found very helpful!

3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set,

I used three cake mixes and ended up with 12 cupcakes too.  One box filled the 1qt bowl and left me enough batter for 3 cupcakes.  Once they were baked (about 28 minutes for the metal bowl, and 33-35 minutes for the glass bowl), I turned them out onto a rack and let them cool.  Make sure you grease and flour(I used Bakers Joy) the bowls well!  You will need two of each size. (two to make a round body and two to make a round head)

Now it was time for building and decorating!  Here is a picture of him on my counter.  Pardon the disaster area!  I used my decorating tool from Wilton to pipe on the flat icing on his belly, then just frosted the rest of him.  Then I took a spoon to his body to “fluff” up his feathers.  His ears are Oreo cookies broken in half and inserted into his head, then frosted.  The brown spots on his chest are mini chocolate chips.







His eyes are Oreos, in half, then I piped on some white and chocolate frosting.  The beak and feet are banana candies from the Runts box, and my fingers are still green from dying the shredded coconut with green food dye.  Once he was all done, I popped him in the fridge until party time!







And he was ready to rock!  The rest of the party was pirate themed, so I put some pirate confetti around him on the grass.

Happy Birthday to my little boy!  I love you Seeley!



2 thoughts on “More Tales from the Un-Baker: The Owl Cake: Seeley’s 2nd Birthday

  1. I love the continuing adventures of the Un-baker!! The cake is wonderful…so well thought out down to every last detail! May I have one too? : )

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