Easy Cheese Sticks







I love cheese sticks…..like, really LOVE cheese sticks.  I will sometimes make cheese sticks for lunch, and try to convince my kids that they want them too.  I don’t need warm marinara sauce, or any other sauce or accompaniment.  Just cheese and breading, fried golden brown and crispy.

This recipe is just that, only without having to figure out how to get the breading to stick to cheese, or how to keep the cheese from falling apart in the fryer.  It uses two simple ingredients, eggroll wrappers and string cheese, and is done in a few minutes.  The steps are simple!

Step 1: Your two ingredients-1) Large eggrolls wrappers, and 2) string cheese. You can use white or cheddar cheese








Step #2: Lay the string cheese in the corner. You can sprinkle it with Italian seasoning or any other seasoning you like. I liked a little salt on mine.








Step 3: Roll up the cheese in the eggroll wrapper.







Step 4: Fold in the ends, and continue to roll.







Step 5: Wet the edge of the eggroll wrapper, and roll over the eggroll to seal.








Step 6: Place in fryer heated to 350 degrees F. until golden. These can also be baked at 350 degrees F for 5-10 minutes.








Step 7: Drain on paper towels and serve!














Now, I have to thank my husband for taking pictures while he made these, and I have a feeling you’ll be thanking him too!  These are quick, easy, and simple enough for a week-night treat.  They can also be fried and frozen for later reheating.  To reheat from frozen, just bake at 350 degrees F for 8-10 minutes until hot and crispy.  Enjoy!










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