Candy Shoppe: Matzel Toff!- Chocolate Toffee Goodness






A few weeks ago, I got the fun of receiving a box in the mail.  Now, usually I am excited to get any mail, and packages are the ultimate excitement, but THIS box, was greatly anticipated.  It contained samples from the great people at Matzel Toff!, the toffee, chocolate, matzah treats company.  Needless to say, I was VERY excited.

Opening the box revealed three wonderful treats, Matzel Bits! Parve Dark Chocolate (Kosher for Passover), Matzel Toff! in Coconut Parve Dark Chocolate, and one of their brand new items, Holy Macaroon! in Parve Berry.  All three were packaged nicely, perfect for gift giving or for tucking into a gift basket, and all three were the perfect size.




Let me start at the top, the Matzel Bits! in Parve Dark Chocolate were fabulous!  They are made just like their bigger Matzel Toff! by layering matzah with toffee and dark chocolate.  The bits are then broken into pieces and bagged up!  I like this because it was perfect for grabbing on the go.  I also thought it would have made a great after dinner candy to go with coffee.  The first thing I thought of when I taste their products was “Boy, I wish I had a cup of coffee.  These would be wonderful with coffee.”  The Matzel Bits! come in the Dark Chocolate and a Parve Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt for $7.75 for 1/2 pound.




On to the Matzel Toff! in Coconut Parve Dark Chocolate.   This was a nice product, two large pieces of the matzah, again layered with toffee and a thick layer of dark chocolate, only this time, flaked coconut topped it off.  Everyone who tried it said “This is just the right amount of coconut.”  It wasn’t coated to the point of fluffy, but you got a great new level of texture from it, and goof flavor.  Any of the Matzel Toff! would make for a nice hostess gift, and at $9.75 a box, the price can’t be beat.




Last but certainly not least, comes the Holy Macaroon! in Parve Berry.  If you like coconut, this is the one for you.  These were a wonderful little bite, rich and tart, coconut, enrobed in dark chocolate, and topped with dried cranberries.  I loved the addition of the cranberries, since the tartness helped to cut some of the sweetness of the coconut.  These are also gluten-free.  They have an almond-coated variety with milk chocolate, as well.  For $8.75 for a 1/2 pound tub, try both!

My thanks go out to the great folks at Matzel Toff! for sharing their great product with us here at the At Home for Dinner blog.  The Matzel Toff! products are a little something different, they offer a wide variety of kosher products of Passover, and gluten-free items.  They ship across the country, and also have product in retail stores in 14 states (including Ohio).  Check them out at their website, sign-up for the newsletter, or contact them at:

Matzel Toff!


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