Good Morning, Sunshine! Home-Made Donuts

This morning I was taken back to the second grade.

When we were in second grade, someone got the idea that we would sell doughnuts at lunchtimein the cafeteria. I think 3 were 50 cents, and they were simple plain doughnuts rolled in cinnamon sugar.  I can remember the moms out in the hall outside the cafeteria making them in electric skillets, and I remember very vividly how they tasted, the crunch of the sugar.  I have been thinking about recreating that for years.

Well, this morning, I came as close as I think I can get for a 25 year old memory.  These doughnuts are a quick, easy treat, for weekends or week-days.  They took me about 10 minutes to make, and turned out yummy!  The ingredient list is simple: one can of refrigerator biscuits(NOT THE FLAKY KIND), 4 TBSP butter-melted, cinnamon sugar, vegetable oil.

Just heat about 1/2-inch of the oil in a skillet to medium-high heat.  Take a small round cookie cutter and cut out a hole in your biscuits(You could probably leave them whole also).  Once oil is hot, place biscuit rings in oil until nicely browned, turning once.  Repeat with doughnut holes.  Remove from oil to paper towels to drain.  Roll in melted butter, then in cinnamon sugar.  Eat.  Eat again…..and again…..and again…..and don’t forget about the doughnut holes……

You could always glaze these with a nice powdered sugar/milk/vanilla glaze as well.  Good luck, they are dangerous.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine! Home-Made Donuts

  1. I don’t like doughnuts, but I don’t like fried anything. My kids and husband like doughnuts, but I bake them instead. I have seen this recipe idea before. You can bake them as instructed on the can and then shake them in a bag with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar when they come out of the oven hot. An old Pampered Chef kids cookbook also instructed baking them whole, piping pudding or marshmallow cream inside, and then roll in powdered sugar.

    • Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion for modifying this, Liz! I was wondering how I could do this w/o having to fry.

  2. we used to make these when I was a kid, too and we also made homemade cinnamon rolls out of biscuits, we just put the biscuits in the pain and brushed them with butter and sprinkled sugar and cinnamon mix on them and baked. After they were done, we made a glaze of powdered sugar and water or milk and spread it on, they were delicious and I made these for my girls when they were growing up, they loved them as much as we did !

  3. Sarah,
    I saw this recipe on frugal girls, and was thinking to myself “Sarah just mentioned these to us last week” and lookee where the link landed me ;). I can’t wait to try these, the look delish!!

  4. I am SO SO SO SO excited about these donuts!!!!! So excited.I can’t imagine it getting any easier than this!
    I don’t have the canned biscuits right now, have to wait to go shopping this week. My husband makes his own biscuits from scratch.. I wonder how they’d do! 🙂

    • I have no idea if home-made biscuits would work, but if you try it, please let me know! I would love to see how they come out! I bet they would be SUPER yummmmm!! Glad you are excited!

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