My 1st Competition!

My first competition!

A few weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from a senior group in Mogadore called the Mogadore Merry Makers.  They were having their first annual Chili Cook-off and the Superintendant of Schools thought I might be interested in participating.  Dr. Christina Dinklocker is a wonderful woman and an even better superintendant.  She is very involved in the communitee and had used my catering services in the past.  She had sent me the letter and was also a competitor!  (I didn’t find that out until I got there and her table was next to mine!  Talk about competition!)

The Merry Makers made it easy to compete, the provided tables, outlets and bowls, we just jad to bring the chili and anything we thought went well with it.  After much deliberation, I entered with Joe’s Gentlemen’s Chili.  It is a rustic beef chili, made with cut cubed beef, peppers, onions and beans.  It is a very traditional chili, and I paired it with mini cornbread-cheddar-green chili muffins for the testers to try. 








This is Superintendant Dinklocker’s table!  Her chili was awesome!


The meeting was at the Mogadore Senior Center and they filled it!  There were 8 competitors from all over Mogadore, and beyond.  The Mery Makers provided salad and dessert, and we took care of the rest. 








There was quite a variety, including a gluten-free chili and an Italian-style chili.  Once the chilis were tasted and the votes tallied, the winner was in!  And the winner was………..

The Mogadore Elementary Third Grade Cooking Club!! 

I have to admit, they had really good costumes!  They all wore cowboy hats, bandanas and fake mustaches, even the girls!  I wish I had a picture!  They won a great trophy, ribbon and monetary prize that will be put to good use for future cooking projects for their club!  Good for them!!

All in all, it was a great experience!  I throughly enjoyed it, and would love to do it again!  I got lots of great compliments on my chili too!

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