It’s a Pintrest Super Bowl!!

I held off for so long, but I finally gave in last week to Pintrest.  If you don’t know what Pintrest is, let me explain.  Pintrest is an on-line bulletin board.  Basically, people go on to Pintrest and post pictures from other websites with links to the websites they are from, allowing you to see just the pictures without having to go all over the Internet to look for ideas.  It is really helpful when your just looking for ideas for parties or crafts.

Well, since we got more lovely snow today, I spent a good portion of the day browsing Pintrest.  (Trust me people, it’s an addiction!)  Here are some of the great things I have found for some yummy, quick Super Bowl fun food ideas!!  Check out these fun pictures!

Football Bites         A simple tailgate treat!

The above little bites are from  Check ’em out! They are big on Football!

Football Party

Burger Bar

Nothing like a Slider Bar to make a party!! Check out this one from  Their website has a ton of great party ideas and themes for your next event.

mini banana splits

And there is nothing like finishing it off with Mini Banana Splits!!  This great idea comes from 

With these fun food ideas, it won’t matter who wins the big game!!

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