National Buttercrunch Day-January 20, 2012

Who doesn’t love buttercrunch?  Now some of you may be asking what is buttercrunch, so here is your answer, and once you find out, I promise you will love it too!

Buttercrunch is essentially toffee, but with nuts of some sort added in.  Now, I use that defination loosely.  To me, buttercrunch can be any crunchy candy, reminiscent of toffee only with a crunchier instead of a smooth, sticky texture.  The picture above gives you a great look at buttercrunch.  The picture below shows you how toffee looks.

You can see the texture, even through the wrapper is softer, similar to caramel (toffee and caramel are very similar, toffee is harder in texture, but made the same way).  Buttercrunch is DEFINATELY harder, and obviously, crunchier.

Today, I am going to refer you to a friend’s blog.  The picture at the top, of the candy in the glasses, comes from her blog.  Her name is Dina, and I met her a few years ago at one of my classes.  She has been a big supporter of my classes and has taught me a LOT about the world of technology!  She and another friend of our’s, Shannon, have started a new column on Dina’s blog( called Cooking Concoctions and they attempted my recipe from last year for home-made caramels.  Well, somewhere along the way, they let the sugar boil a little to long, and ended up with today’s topic:Buttercrunch! (While Dina calls it toffee, it is definately buttercrunch without the nuts…….and totally yummy!!!!)  Check them out and see what happened!

If your interested in the recipe for the original caramels, here it is!

And lastly, if your looking for a quick fix, Anastasiades Chocolates in Canton, Ohio makes an amazing Chocolate Buttercrunch Candy. Check them out too!  A friend got us a basket of yummy treats from them for Christmas.  The Salted Caramels were yummy too!


2 thoughts on “National Buttercrunch Day-January 20, 2012

    • It is essentially the same thing! And how funny, I would love to make yours! We should find a recipe and cook together sometime! I am sure you could teach me a thing or two!

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