Weekend Reads: Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs

Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs

I know, I know, it’s a little late in the weekend.  But it has been a busy weekend in the Mentzer household!  My husband had surgury on Friday and got home yesterday, so we have been settling in and getting him rested.  Not much time for reading!

But I give you one of my favorite authors this week!  I came across Laura Childs a few years ago with this wonderful series.  The Tea Shop Mysteries started with a little book called Death By Darjeeling.  In honor of January being National Hot Tea Month, I thought these were a perfect fit!

There are 13 books in the series so far(book 13-Agony of Leaves- comes out March 2012) and each one takes you to a new adventure in the city of Charleston.  Our main character, Theodosia Browning owns the Indigo Tea Shop which she runs with her employees, Drayton and chef Haley.  In her spare time she solves mysteries.  A heroine who has a dog named Earl Grey? How can you go wrong?

These books are great reads for the cold nights we are having now, soaked in mystery and Charleston history.  Recipes included in the books make me want to get up halfway through and start cooking up a snack.  If you love tea, tea recipes, tea shops, or just plain like cozy mysteries, these are books for you!

Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs can be purchased at your local booksellers and on Amazon.

Laura Childs also writes two other series.  The Scrapbook Mysteries are about Carmela Bertrand owner of Memory Mine scrapbooking shop in the French Quarter and the Cackleberry Club Mysteries about three semi-desperate, forty-plus women who run a diner and gas station in the small town of Kindred.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs

  1. Thanks for the tip. I love a good book on a cold day when I have the house to myself.
    My cats like me to read out loud to them. I swear they understand me!

  2. As I was assisting in a book collection for my local Friends of the Library Book
    Sale, I came across three k mysteries in the Tea shop Mystery series.
    It was love at first read! I read “Shades of Earl Grey” and it was perfect…
    interesting plot, characters and in one of my favorite cities. I am looking forward to
    reading other books in the series.


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