Adventures of the Un-Baker Continued: Keegan’s 4th Birthday

And it began again………the birthday cake.

Three or four weeks ago, Keegan and I began the discussion of what he wanted for his cake this year. The first thing he said was a tire. Yes, you read that right, a TIRE. Like a race car TIRE. Round, black TIRE. Original, huh?

Soooooo…………along we went to the Internet. Needless to say, tire cake pictures were not so popular. But in looking at pictures, we came across a great birthday cake website ( all homemade cakes with pictures submitted by everyday people) and we were off. We found the Land Before Time section and Spike struck his fancy.

For anyone who has ever seen Land Before Time, you know Spike is a stegosaurus. This seemed do-able in my head, I just wasn’t sure about the body logistics. The website told of how some people used round cakes, made flat cakes, and decorated layer cakes with plastic dinosaur figurines. Now I will admit, I thought about trying to convince him this was the way to go. But alas, I am not that mom.

So the project began. I made two round cakes out of chocolate cake, and a 9×13 from yellow cake just in case I screwed everything up and needed a back up. Cake board, frosting, and brown sugar and I was ready.

I cut the round cakes about 2/3rds down, making them slightly larger than half. These I sandwiched together to make the body of the dinosaur. Then I began on the pieces. The round pans gave me the perfect edge for his feet, I just had to round off the tops. When it came to his head, I ended up with two scrap pieces that worked perfect when put together, thanks to my husbands artistic eye. The tail was put together out of the last small piece from the first cut of the circle plus a skinny scrap piece. The only issue we had was the head. It didn’t want to stay on, so we had to add some neck pieces, which is more anatomically correct anyhow. (Just look at Morris from Dinosaur Train-long neck).

One the pieces were glued together with frosting, the real fun began, decorating! I have done enough cakes in the last few years to purchase a set of 12 colors of gel food coloring. I use just regular store bought frosting and used Kelly Green food coloring to dye it green. I did a crumb coat over everything, and then began to use a star tip to frost him all over. Keegan decided he wanted Spike to have purple spots so I left some areas plain to fill in later with purple. The only problem I ran into was in the tight areas I couldn’t get the piping tool into, so I just piped some frosting in, and used a toothpick to spike it up. It worked well. Next I piped in the purple, and his body was done.

For his spikes, I got a few great ideas from the internet. The first picture we saw used Hershey’s Kisses for the spikes. But then I saw something even better! 100 Calorie Oreo Snacks! They are the perfect shape for the plates on the stegosaurus. For the spikes on his tail I used a Thai candy called Pocky. (You can get them at the Super Walmart and in the Asian food section of most grocery stores) They are a wafer stick covered in chocolate. I just broke them to the length I wanted and stuck them in! Eyes and nose and he was ready.

To finish the board, I spread white frosting along the board and pressed brown sugar into it to make the dirt. The greenery is fish tank greens bought from the store, and the rocks are Chocolate Covered Buttercrunch from Anastasiades Chocolates in Canton, Ohio that my good friend Cathy brought us in a great basket for Christmas! They looked perfect.

I think he liked his cake! And it was way easier than the train from last year! I have already had a friend ask me to make one for her son in February! I guess it was a success!


2 thoughts on “Adventures of the Un-Baker Continued: Keegan’s 4th Birthday

  1. Sarah, really nice job on the birthday cake..good looking son also. Thanks for the wonderful information yesterday at MOPS in Stow. Thanks Wava

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