Welcome to the Rockies! Duffeyroll Cafe, Denver, Colorado

As you can probably tell from the above picture, I found some great things in Denver, Colorado!  Joe and I spent the last 4 days there at the wedding of a friend.  The wedding and reception were at Mary’s Lake Lodge, in Estes Park, Colorado, home of the Stanley Hotel.  If anyone has every read the Stephen King book The Shining, the Stanley hotel is the hotel the book is based on. 

Saturday morning, after the wedding on Friday, the bridal party offered a brunch.  There they served the normal fare of eggs, hash browns, bacon, and rolls.  These rolls were ok, but they made me crave gooey, sticky rolls, with nuts!  So we started asking around, before heading to Denver.  Duffeyrolls was what we heard.

Duffeyrolls Cafe is a small cafe, located in a strip plaza just outside of downtown Denver.  They are only open until 3, so get there early, but they do offer a small breakfast and lunch menu as well as six varieties of their famous rolls, including, yummy flavors like Pecanilla Crunch, Irish Cream, and English Toffee.  The texture of their rolls is very similar to a croissant rolled to make the traditional cinnamon roll form.  I chose the Pecan Sticky Bun($3.98), which was topped with sticky toffee and chopped pecans.   They make the rolls in a large size and a mini variety, so if you would like to try more than one flavor, go for the mini variety and eat to your hearts content!

As you can tell, I totally enjoyed mine!  So far, Duffeyrolls only ships locally, but hopefully one day soon they will see that there are some of us here in Ohio craving a good Duffeyroll!

Duffeyroll Cafe

4994 East Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222


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