The Garden Files: The Crops

So far, we are doing GREAT!

We have harvested radishes, one yellow squash, 3 gypsy peppers, 2 green peppers, about 1 1/2 gallon zip-lock bags full of green beans, and 4 heads of Romaine lettuce.  I have replanted lettuce seeds, radishes, and pumpkins, so we will see what happens. 

As all of you know, I have, now, 15 tomato plants, which all but 2 of, have green tomatoes on.  I am convinced I need a couple REALLY hot days and maybe I will get some red ones.  I am eagerly awaiting the first one.  It always seems like they are all waiting for the first one to turn red, and the rest follow suit quickly after.  My squash plant is overwhelming, with dozens of flowers, and at least 20 little squashes(my yellow squash and my zucchini seem to have grown together, so it will be a surprise what I get where) are peeking out from under the HUGE leaves.  Vines from the cucumber are interwoven here and there, but I am not sure it is doing anything, we shall see. 

More next week.  Hopefully something red………….Oh, I forgot, there are the cutest, little jalapenos, just dangling from the pepper plants too.  It could be a good year for veggies at the Mentzer’s!


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