The Garden Files

It’s happening again! 

The garden is taking over!  As many of you know, we expaned the garden this year to about twice its normal size.  We are growing tons of new things that I have never worked with before and it seems to be going well.  Tonight when I get home from class, I am going to pick radishes!  I started them from seed(I have never used seeds before, always plants) and there are tons fo the little things out there!  I pulled one today and Keegan and I tried them.  They are great.  The flavor is a little peppery, with a clean wet start and finish.  I don’t really like radishes and I ate these!  There is one big yellow squash out there already, a Gypsy pepper, and mountains of green tomatoes already, so I have a feeling expanding the garden may have been a good AND bad idea!

Pictures tomorrow!  Please ignore the weeds!


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