What the Heck is Aqua Fresca?



The beverage known in Mexico as aguas frescas are inspired to compliment the rich, spiciness of chiles, herbs and spices found in Mexican foods. They act to counter-balance the strong flavors. They are always light and fresh. They function somewhat like sorberts, in that they refresh the palate during a heavy meal.


Keegan had seen aqua fresca on the show Handy Manny a few times, and we had played pretend “Aqua Fresca Stand” numerous times. When it was time for Grandpa’s birthday, I asked him what he wanted to make, and his answer was “Aqua fresca!” Off we went to the Internet.


There were lots of recipes, using everything from citrus fruits, to watermelon, so we tried a little of each. We bought some navel oranges at the store, and I already had half a watermelon in the fridge. Out came the blender.


Aqua fresca is about 2 parts water to one part fruit juice. You could leave some of the pulp in, but we decided we liked it better after straining. Our watermelon wasn’t really sweet, so the watermelon drink was VERY fresh tasting, not for everyone, but when mixed with the orange, it was good. And the orange by itself was great. Keegan loved it. And better yet, so did Grandpa! Happy Birthday Grandpa!



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