Something New!

Hey Everybody!

We are starting a new project!

I have been looking at food blogs, during this lovely time I have been off work with this health issue, and came across   What Monica over there is doing is really cool.  She has taken a great cookbook, The Illustrated Kitchen Bible by Victoria Bashford-Snell and put it up for a challange.  Each week a menu is picked, usually 2 or three recipes out of the book, and a group of cooks, regular people, bloggers, everyday cooks prepare them and post articles and pictures of how they turned out and how they liked them.  Well, guess what?? We just signed up!  It is called Gutsy Cooks!

We are starting this week gang, and we’ll see how it goes!  I have been looking for a cookbook to try this with and when I picked this one up, I fell in love with it.  There is over 1000 recipes in it, and ALL of them have pictures.  I liked more of the recipes than I didn’t and none of them seemed to complicated, which I know appeals to you out there who are still trying to make dinner on a daily basis.  So, off we go on a new blogging journey!

This weeks menu……..

Chicken with Herb Sauce and Potato Gratin

Sounds yummy already………..

I’m not allowed to post my results until next Sunday so look for them then!  There will be more fun stuff this week!  I have a great potato hash recipe in the works for tomorrow!

Night Night!
Chef Sarah


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