The Crazy Life of Chef Sarah

The Latest Update!

For all of you who have been following the latest crazy in the life of Chef Sarah, here is the whole story!

I am so sorry to have scared or worried any of you this week by canceling class!  Due to circumstances out of my control, I had no other choice but to cancel.  Thankfully things didn’t go another way and I am able to write this blog post and not anyone else!

On Monday I was going to make a delivery for my personal chef work.  I do a delivery at Bright Horizans Daycare at Summa downtown.  I had my boys with me, and it was just supposed to be a quick run in and out.  While my client was writing me a check, we were talking and one minute I was fine, and the next my words were slurring and my mouth was not functioning.  I had been suffering from facial numbness for 4 days but my neurosurgeon had thought it wasn’t anything to worry about.  I have also been dealing with progressively worse headaches for about a year, since I had Seeley.  Now this was something totally new and scary. I thought I was having a stroke.   My client called my husband, got my boys out of the car, and within 10 minutes, Joe had me on the way to the ER.

After 6 hours in the ER, a wonderful doctor got the horrible job of telling me that the CT scan found what is called an AVM on my brain.  Most of these are never found unless you have a CT scan for another reason.  Most people usually never have any issues with them, and they never effect their lives in any way.  Not knowing if this was the case, the doctors now thought the best option would be to admit me to ICU since they weren’t sure if this abnormality on my brain would cause me to have a stroke, or to have seizures, or any other issues.  Anyone who has ever been to ICU knows, there are no phones, no bathrooms, and no children in ICU.  So you add that to the fact that they thought they would be cutting into my skull in the next 24 hours, and I was a mess.

After 24 hours, I had another MRI and net with a FANTASTIC neurologist, Dr Novack.  He asked if I would be willing to try a combination of medications.  He felt the problems I was having with my face and speech were not related to the AVM on my brain, but as an effect of complex migraines.  He asked me to give him 24 hours to see if the meds would work before anyone did any surgury.  Needless to say, I was MORE than willing to try.

24 hours later, my face was 85% better, and I was feeling better!  I was allowed to leave the hospital under the condition I have to have a few more tests done, and I have to take huge amounts of medications for awhile.  I am on an anti-seizure medication to keep the facial and speech issues under control and high levels of anti-migraine meds that hopefully will be able to pick up for the anti seizure medication eventually.  It should take about 6 months to get everything worked out and evened out, but hopefully we won’t have any more issues. 

The only down side to my recovery is I am going to have to cancel my other class in May!  As much as I would LOVE to have the class on May 24th, between doctor’s appointments, and the exhaustion from the medication, and other tests, it is just to crazy.  We are going to jump right back into it in June with two AMAZING classes that I hope you will enjoy!  I know they are two of my favorites! 

If you have already paid for this class on May 24th, and would like reimbursed, please contact me and I will send you your money or you can apply it to another class.


2 thoughts on “The Crazy Life of Chef Sarah

  1. Oh Sarah, I totally freaked out for a minute while reading this. I’m so thankful you’re feeling better, please take care and I hope to see you next month.

    • I am so glad too! I am feeling better and am getting better by the day! I am hoping to be back to my normal sefl by next month! I think you would love the Little Bites for Summer Nites class Dina!

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