Peep Jousting

Yes, you read that right, Peep Jousting. And yes, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like!

If you are a Castle fan, this post is directly from a Tweet from Rick Castle on Twitter. He posted the Friday before Easter that he and Alexis were Peep Jousting, with pictures to follow. Joe and I had to investigate.

Peep Jousting involves two Peeps(the little marshmallow chicks covered in sugar) on a paper plate in the microwave. Insert a toothpick in each one, and let the games begin!

Start the microwave on a minute and watch closely. The Peeps start to grow rapidly, and who evers Peep skewers the other first wins! Peep Jousting! See how ours turned out below! (Now is the time to have tournaments since Easter candy is on sale!)

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