Kitchen Tips of the Day

Hey everybody!  I just got a new book called 1001 Quick Fixes and Kitchen Tips and I am pouring over all the tips and tricks in it!  I bought it for I think $5.00 at Borders on the sale rack, and it has been worth the money!  Here are some of my favorites!

– Use a baby toothbrush to clean all those pesky little holees on your grater.  This would be great for a microplane or spice grater too!

– The easiest way to clean a blender is to run it half filled with hot water and a few drops of detergent!  It will clean all the hard to reach areas around the blade.

-Staple the ends of wrapped candy together to make a candy “ribbon” for gifts.  Great for holidays or for a mom-to-be that is having morning sickness, use one of the morning sickness candies sold at most maternity shops.

Each page is one more fun tip!  Check it out!


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