Blake’s Cupcakery

Blake's Cafe & Cupcakery

Upon advice and raves from the girls at the Green Branch Library, I become interested in Blake’s Cafe and Cupcakery.  I love the word cupcakery! 

All across the country it seems, cupcakeries are popping up.  It makes sense in a way.  We all have cravings for cake: cheesecake, birthday cake, spice cake, we all like cake.   And while some of us would happily go into a bakery and buy a full size cake to satisfy that craving, cupcakes help us do it without looking to gluttonous!  Hence, cupcakeries!  These are mostly small cafes and coffeeshops that specialize in cupcakes of every flavor under the sun.  I have seen your basics: vanilla, chocolate, buttercream frosting, but in researching them I have also seen some new flavors: french toast, key lime, and fruit punch to name a few.

Blake’s is deceptive from the outside.  It is in a plaza on Massillon Road in Green, and doesn’t look that big.  Walking in, the room opens up, with a counter where you place your orders, a bakery case, a fireplace area with a flat-screen TV, and quite a bit of seating.  The menu is small but has great choices, including wraps, salads and a build-your-own-sandwich or bagel option.  They also serve a limited breakfast menu.

I ordered the Pear and Blue Cheese Salad.  It was offered in a whole or half size, and at $3.99 the half size was perfect for lunch.  It was composed of torn romaine leaves, chopped pears, blue cheese crumbles, and candied pecans with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  I have one girlfriend who raves about the BBQ Chicken Wrap.  Now, onto the important stuff: cupcakes.

After much deliberation, I ordered the Caramel By The Sea: a caramel cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream, peanuts, and caramel drizzle($1.95).  Not knowing how much caramel flavor to expect out of a cupcake, I was pleasantly surprised when biting into the cake, it had the warm, buttery taste of caramel.  Not to mention it was filled with caramel as well.  The buttercream was smooth and not gritty with sugar, and it didn’t leave a filmy texture on your mouth.  The nuts and caramel were the perfect finishing touch! 

The best part was I left feeling full but not stuffed, happy and satisfied.  I liked being able to eat dessert and not feel so full afterward.  I can’t wait to try it again!

PS:  On another note, I brought home the Red Hot Chili Pepper Cupcake(Chocolate chili pepper cupcake toped with chocolate chili pepper icing $1.95) for Joe.  He likes spicy foods, so I thought it was right up his alley.  It smelled of Big Red Gum, and had a mild cinnamon taste to it on first bite, but as you chewed, it got hotter!  It was totally cool, since when you see a cupcake all you really think of is sweet.  It was a great mind trick!  It was definately spicy, but it was delicious!

Blake’s Cafe and Cupcakery

Located in the former Arabica in Green on Massillon Road, 1 mile south of I-77
1840 Town Park Blvd, Uniontown, OH 44685 • 330-899-9968 • 877-210-1690

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