Put a Stick in it! National Food On A Stick Day: March 28th


In researching this national holiday, I found some interesting things. How many of you knew that the Iowa and Minnesota state fairs boast the “Most Food Items Offered On A Stick” record? I never would have guessed.

Some of the things I found seemed like reasonable food to be on a stick. Cotton candy, for instance, seemed like a normal thing. But when you scan the lists, you find some things that seem to defy gravity. Here is my Top 10 Most Interesting Foods Offered On A Stick”.

1) Potato LollipopsIdaho Potato Lollipops

Now, this picture is not from a fair, but I thought it showed how this could be a REALLY cute appetizer! The concept is thick sliced potatoes, fried, and placed on a stick with dipping sauces. Now I could get into that!

2) Chocolate Covered Tiramisu On A Stick– How can this be bad??? Tiramisu is always yummy, but to freeze it, put it on a stick, and dip it is melted chocolate? I’ll take 2. (And why can I find no pictures of this??)

3) Salad on a StickGo to fullsize image

As you can see, I am not the only one who liked this idea. I think this is a page out of the Food Network Magazine(great, by the way, if you haven’t seen it!). Basically, you take all the ingredients of a salad, and skewer them. Drizzle with dressing and waalaa, Salad on a Stick!

4) Pork Chop on a StickGo to fullsize image

This seems like a great idea! Grilled or breaded and deep fried pork chops, skewered, and ready to eat out of hand, no fork or knife needed!

5) The Octodog– Anyone who has children knows that there are times you will do anything to get them to eat. Well, this hotdog is a kids dream! Take a hot dog, cut it about halfway down into strips and fan them out. There you have an Octodog! Use ketchup for the eyes and put it on a stick!

6) Spaghetti and Meatballs on a StickGo to fullsize image

As many calories as I am sure this has, it looks awesome! I love spaghetti and meatballs! This is a meatball, skewered, surrounded in noodles, breaded and deep fried(do I see a deep fried trend here?) Served with a side of marinara sauce……….yummmmm!

7) Texas Steak Dinner On A StickGo to fullsize image

This one could not be more self-explanatory. It is the whole steak dinner on a stick, from steak, peppers, onions and potatoes, topped with a dinner roll. Grab your salad on a stick and your ready to go!

8 ) Fried Pickle on a Stick– Anyone who has ever had good, not-soggy fried pickles knows how good this sounds. A good crunchy breading, and maybe a spicy dipping sauce, and it sounds like the perfect fair food.

9) Pineapple On a StickGo to fullsize image

Now I know this looks like a corndog, but it SOOOO isn’t! Take a fresh pineapple spear, dip it in funnel cake batter and fry. Top with powdered sugar, and eat. All I can think is this would be really good with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Maybe Fair 2011 season!

10) Waffles on a StickGo to fullsize image

I love how these look! Traditional Belgian waffle batter is poured into special waffle makers(you can buy them on-line!) and then dipped in fruit sauces or chocolate. How cool would these be for a party?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 List! Let me know the strangest thing you have ever seen on a stick!

For more on the Iowa State Fair, go to: www.iowastatefair.com

For more on the Minnesota State Fair, go to: www.mnstatefair.org





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