Meal of Invention: Asian Noodles with Dino Chicken Nuggets

Let me start this post with a warning: If you ever try this, be prepared to be amazed.  This is GOOD.

I posted earlier this week that I had a day of inventive food.  The other inventive idea I had was pancake sticks.  Keegan is still enjoying those in the morning.  Dinner that same night was this great Asian noodle dish.  Here’s how to make it at home!

I cooked some noodles.  For some reason I like this better with spaghetti, but I assume penne or other pasta would work, you just might need more sauce since the heavier the pasta is, the more sauce it absorbs.  While the noodles were cooking I put some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets in the oven, and cooked them about 5 minutes longer than the package said.  I really wanted them as crispy as I could get them.  Now for the sauce.

I had some premade teriyaki sauce/marinade in the fridge that I use on ribs(I mix it with orange  juice for a citrus-teriyaki glaze).  I poured some in a bowl and went in search of something sweet.  Not having any pineapple juice, and no oranges, I was at a loss, until I saw the answer.  Joe has been buying the jarred peach slices for his breakfast and lo and behold, there was all the peach juice.  Using the idea of one part juice to two parts sauce, I mixed them together and tried it.  Close, but still missing something.

I am not a huge fan of hot foods, but I thought this could use a little chili powder, and while I was there, I tossed in some garlic powder for good measure.  Once the noodle were done, I drained them, put them back in the pan, and stirred in the sauce.  Still missing something……….honey.  About a teaspoon of honey did the trick.  it made the sauce thick enough to glaze the chopped up dino nuggets, and coated the noodle perfectly without leaving a puddle of sauce in the bottom.  Yummmm……

As you can see, I have pictures of all the parts, just not of the finished recipe.  I forgot.  It was just to good.  One bite and I was hooked.  I have evn made it again since then, and I still forgot to take a picture.  For being a thrown together meal, it was awesome.  Try it, I bet you’ll like it.


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