Food of Invention

Today has been a day of inventive food!  The morning started out with me making pancake sticks for Keegan. He loves pancakes and loves to help make them, so laying in bed this morning, I thought why not make them stick form and make them dippable.  Anyone who knows a kid knows everything is better if you can dip it in something messy.  So Dip-Stick Pancakes were invented!  I’ll put up pictures tomorrow!

And now dinner…… husband makes the Any-tizers General Sous chicken bites and tosses them with pasta sometimes.  Having a craving for that and no craving for going to the store, I searched the freezer.  Well the only chicken product I found was frozen dinosaur shapes chicken nuggets so we are giving them a try.  Some cooked spaghetti, and a bottled teriyaki sauce and I might be set………………we’ll see.

Thank goodness Theresa had food at Aurdrey’s birthday party today.  Who knows what lunch might have been!  More tomorrow!

Chef Sarah


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