Hello from Iowa!

Well, as some of you know, I am in Iowa visiting my husbands grandparents.  When we got married, it was very odd to me to have to go 600 miles to visit grandparents and aunts and most of his family.  Over the years, I have been here three times (yes, he has been more!) and have had a wonderful time each visit.  While we do the usual, see family, visit with cousins, there is one thing that always happens.  We visit Maid-Rite.

Maid-Rite Since 1926

Maid-Rite is a casual diner style restaurant, decorated with 1950’s style decor and friendly service.  They have been open 84 years in the Quad Cities area.  Their specialty is a loose-meat sandwich, similar to a Sloppy Joe without the sauce.  The story goes that a butcher combined ground meat and seasonings and put them on a bun.  When he asked a delivery man at his restaurant to try his new sandwich, the man said “You know Fred this sandwich is just made rite.”  And there you have the name. 

The sandwiches come with ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions.  They offer them with cheese, BBQ sauce, chili cheese, bacon, and Philly cheese Rites.  The french fries are great as well as the onion rings and the portions are big.  Joe and I had a sandwich basket, which comes with fries and a soft drink($6.59) and and order of onion rings, and there was leftovers.  They also make AMAZING milkshakes that come poured into a frosty glass with the metal mixer glass brough to the table as well.

If your ever this way, it is a stop you need to make, and when you do, think of my husband.  He’d be jealous.

Check them out at www.maid-rite.com


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